Accepting Online Givings

You can setup Church Manager app to accept online giving. We have incorporated payments gateways that you can configure to receive givings.

In order to start receiving payments online, you have to set up a payment gateway.

Payments Gateway

A payment gateway is an ecommerce service that processes credit card or direct payments for online retailers. We currently support PayPal and Paystack.

Add Payment Gateway

  1. From the menu, select Online Payments, then Payment gateways.
  2. Click Add Gateway.
    1. On the new gateway form, select the payment gateway you want to set up.
    2. Enter the required details to complete the configuration form,
    3. If we want members to pay for the transaction fee, we will enter the fee here. If you want to charge a fixed amount, you can enter that value instead.
  3. Click on save.

Process Givings

Once members have made payments, you will have to process the payments to add to their records

  1. Go to Finance, select Online Giving, then Givings.
  2. From here, you can see all the contributions, pledges and donations that have come in.
    • Under the contribution tab, you can filter to see what has been paid for various contribution fund account.
    • Under pledges, you can see what has been paid towards various pledge account.
  3. With contribution tab selected, click on the check all checkbox. This selects all the contributions.
  4. Click on the process button.
  5. Select the batch (only currently opened batch will be listed) you want to add these transactions to. If you have not created one, now is the time to go and create the batch.
  6. Click ok to save

Follow the same procedure for the pledges and donations.