Check-in to events using mobile app

Using the mobile app to self-check-in is another way to record attendees to your events.

To use the mobile app to check in, you need to give members the event code to use to check in. You can display the raw code or print it out as QR code.

Printing QR code

Some mobile phones cannot scan QR code, so it will be prudent to print out the event code as well.

To print the QR Code

  1. Navigate to “Drop container > Events”
  2. Select “Events” from the menu bar.
  3. Click the action button on the right of the row corresponding to the specific member
  4. Select the “Print code” item from the dropdown options.
  5. The QR code is displayed in a new tab

Members can follow the following steps to check in

  1. From the top right, click on the More icon (icon after the search icon), and select Check In
  2. Click on the Scan button to scan the QR code or enter the check in code in the “Check in Code” box
  3. Select the family members you want to check in
  4. Click check in button.