Getting Started

We will start by giving a brief introduction to the system interface.

System Overview

The Church Manager App is grouped into modules. We currently have the following modules:

  • Communication
  • Event
  • Finance
  • Groups
  • Membership
  • Register
  • Settings


Image of the Adult Management sub-module
  1. The modules can be accessed form the Dropdown Container.
  2. Name of the current module you are working with
  3. Menu bar to select items within a module. These sub-modules.
  4. Current user profile button
  5. Context Menu bar. A sub-module will also have context menu bar to perform operations.
  6. A record you have saved in the system
  7. Use the action button to manage a specific record


Some people may find it beneficial to have a checklist to refer to while getting started. While there is no set order, we have included a checklist to help you get started.

  1. Set up your global preference settings

    There are couple of settings that affects how the system operates. These include name of your church, church’s logo, date format etc.
  2. Give your team access

    Create user accounts for each member of your team who should have access to Church Manager. You can also limit their access to only what you want them to see by assigning specific roles to them.
  3. Add or import your Membership Data

    The next step will be adding your church members into the system. You have an option of importing the data if you already have. We do provide a free data import service if you have data from another source (like an Excel file or an alternate church management system).
  4. Set up your financial accounts

    Now will be the best time to set up your accounting system to receive givings/gifts. You can also set up online giving.
  5. Assign members to groups

    You can create the groups in your church and add members to the group.