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Frequently Asked Questions about our Price

1. Why is your price so low?

This is a question we get from time to time, and it usually comes from larger congregations. They’ve been paying thousands of dollars each year for their present solution, but when comparing features, Church Manager app meets all of their requirements. It makes people worry if this is too good to be true, or if something is missing.

This is a reasonable issue — churches want to make sure they’re getting the best deal possible. The Church Manager software is priced the way it is for one main reason:

  1. We’re attempting to assist churches primarily in Africa. In Africa, $200 per year makes a lot of sense for the average small to mid-sized church. We tried to price the Church Manager app to match the budgets of the churches we want to serve. At the end of the day, whether a church has 200 members or 2000 members, Church Manager works the same way.

If you’re wondering why our price is so low, it’s likely that you’re a larger church considering pricing in tiers. We’d like to ask you to consider another perspective, since we believe that a fixed annual cost allows you more flexibility in how you finance and manage your database.

2. What are the extra and hidden fees?

Nothing. There are no extra fees.

3. Is SMS messaging free?

No, it is not free. If you decide to use the sms messaging feature, you need to buy sms credit from us.