Accept and record contributions from members and setup online payment gateways

Finance Overview

The finance module is all about donor management. It provides easy ways to manage contributions (offering, pledges, tithe, welfare and donations) received from members. It also gives you the ability to capture simple expenses made by the church. It is important to be aware that the financial module is not a form of accounting or […]

General Fund

This category is for funds received by the church for which there is no need to capture the details of the person giving the money. These are funds like offering. Add Transactions To add a transaction to a general fund: Navigate to “Drop container > Finance” Select “Funds” from the menu bar. Click the fund […]

Contribution Funds

To understand how contributions are recorded, you need to understand contribution batches. Contribution Batches A contribution batch is a collection of contributions that are grouped together. A batch would typically represent a series of contributions given at the same time on a given date. For example, contributions collected on a particular Sunday morning. Each batch […]

Pledge Funds

Pledge Fund sub-module allows churches to record who pledged to give what and how much have been redeemed. Note: To create pledge accounts, read the overview here. Make sure you choose the account type as Pledge. Add Members who have Pledged To add members to a pledge: Navigate to “Drop container > Finance” Select “Funds” […]

Accepting Online Givings

You can setup Church Manager app to accept online giving. We have incorporated payments gateways that you can configure to receive givings.

Managing Currencies

The currency module allows you to create, maintain and add currencies your church finances. Add Currency To add currency, Navigate to “Drop container > Finance” Select “Currencies” from the menu bar. Click on “New” button Complete the fields as required Click on the Save button. The new currency you just created will be added to […]